Vision and Mission


Enlightened to Light : “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Mt 5:14) Education at Assisi School leads the students to God who is the source of knowledge and wisdom. The enlightened Assisians are empowered to go into the world to ignite the lives of our people.


“I have come in order that you might have life in all its fullness”-Jn 10:10


Inspired by the teachings of the Jesus and our patrons St. Angela Merici and St Francis of Assisi, our founder Fr Urban Stein, and pioneers, we, the Ursuline Franciscan Sisters, aim at the integral development of each student of our formal and non-formal educational institutions where our sisters serve so that the students bring about the dimension of social justice, in the social, political, economic and cultural fabric of society.


To foster integral development we will 

  • Enable every person to be emotionally balanced, intellectually alert, morally sound, spiritually oriented, socially committed and culturally enriched. 
  • Promote faith formation to achieve personal relationship with God and integrate faith with life Promote interreligious relationship by appreciating religious cultural pluralism so as to realize that differences are sources for our collective strength rather than dangers and threats 
  • Enhance human dignity by educating the poorer sections of society viz; marginalized, underprivileged and girl children. 
  • Foster love for nature through appreciation, conservation, development of natural resources to counteract the adverse effects of globalization . 
  • Foster patriotism by creating civic consciousness in order to be responsible citizens of our nation. 
  • Transmit Ursuline Franciscan identity through simplicity of life, sincerity, dignity of services that enhance labour and sharing in solidarity.