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Admission Requirements and Guideline

Admission Requirements and Guidelines :

  • Application for admissions should be made in the prescribed form, which can be obtained from the school office, and should be submitted along with the Birth Certificate or the Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.

  • Every candidate for admission must be introduced by Parent or Guardian who will stand responsible for her/his conduct, studies and payment of fees.

  • Every student on admission shall pay the prescribed fees.

  • The fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

  • The application form must be signed by the father or mother or in their absence by a Guardian who has been authorized by the Parent to do so.

  • This letter of authorization must be filed with the admission form.

  • In the case of admission of students coming from other school the date of birth furnished in the Transfer Certificate will be taken as correct.

  • Transfer certificate will be issued when all dues have been paid full and in receipt of a written application from the Parent/Guardian mentioning the name,class and roll number of their ward.

  • Only those who can follow the policies of the school shall take admission. Those students who violate the policies or do not mend their character may be advised to leave the school at end of the school year after the reminder

Admission form:
Download the Admission Form here

Fees Rules :

  • All fees to be paid before the reopening of the school.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded
  • Fees will be received during the time reserved for this purpose only
  • Pupils shall not be allowed to appear for the tests of either of the semester examinations unless all fees are paid to date.

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